Providing Support for You and Your Pet

Our pets depend on us for almost everything and at no time is this greater realized than towards the end of their lives. There is no better comfort for a pet parent than to know that they are able to make their pet's last days peaceful. At Animal Care Center of Castle Pines nothing can be more important than helping guide a family through this process with compassion and love.

We offer quality of life discussions so that you can speak with your pet's doctor to understand the process and know what your options are.

We also will work with you to provide whatever palliative care you desire to make your pet comfortable in his or her final days.

We offer our euthanasia services when the time comes and strive to make it as peaceful as possible. We use ambient lighting and gentle sound options to make it less of a clinical setting and we will keep your pet with you through the entire process if so desired. We will handle body care and provide options for urns and clay paw prints of your pet.