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Managing Chronic Pain in Dogs

August 20, 2020

Pain management for dogs begins with identifying the pain and diagnosing the cause.

Although dogs feel pain from illness, injury, allergic reactions, and degenerative conditions, they don't always show it. There are a number of reasons your dog might begin to slow down or experience chronic pain. If you notice behavior changes or other symptoms that indicate pain, we can help. Animal Care Center of Castle Pines offers a variety of pain management methods to help your dog live a pain-free life.

Pain Management for Dogs at Animal Care Center of Castle Pines

All of the veterinarians at Animal Care Center of Castle Pines can assess your pet's condition and recommend treatment options to provide pain relief. We have also partnered with Dr. James Gaynor, a board-certified expert in pain management for dogs, to offer in-house consultations several days per month. We will work together to find the right combination of supplements, pain medications, rehabilitation, and alternative therapies to best relieve your dog's pain.


Regular, anesthetized dental cleanings are essential for a dog's long-term health. At Animal Care Center of Castle Pines we perform a comprehensive oral health assessment with full-mouth radiographs on each patient to ensure that we are properly evaluating all of the oral structures, including the bone beneath the gums. During the examination, we will identify any infected, broken, potentially painful teeth and recommend a treatment plan.


Animal Care Center of Castle Pines offers water therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, and laser therapy at our in-hospital rehabilitation facilities. Rehabilitation helps to relieve pain from joint diseases, ligament tears, and arthritis. We will set up an individualized plan for your pet and monitor their progress through regular therapy sessions. We'll also train you in basic therapeutic techniques and exercises so you can help manage your dog's pain at home.

Regenerative Medicine

Animal Care Center of Castle Pines offers several types of regenerative therapy to treat pain from chronic diseases, including stem cell therapy, plasma therapy, and sonic therapy. Regenerative medicine accelerates internal healing and relieves inflammation. It can be used to treat many chronic conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia, tendon and ligament injuries, degenerative joint diseases, and osteoarthritis. Regenerative therapy reduces dependency on prescription pain relievers-it's also a great alternative for dogs that are allergic to medications.


Depending on your dog's condition, our veterinarians might recommend medications or supplements for chronic pain. Pain relief medications like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can treat mild to moderate pain discomfort in some dogs. Opioids may be necessary to relieve severe pain from cancer and other serious conditions. Corticosteroids can help to manage inflammatory conditions and reduce arthritic, allergic, or dermatologic pain. We might also prescribe supplements to correct nutritional imbalances and relieve gastrointestinal pain.


Our pharmacy is open during regular business hours on Monday through Saturday. We strive to fill prescriptions within 24 hours, to ensure your pet gets the medicine they need as soon as possible. If we do not carry the specific medication your dog needs, we will special order it for you or set you up with our online pharmacy through Vetsource. To refill a prescription or to speak to a pharmacy staff member, call our pharmacy directly at 720-484-5001, or send a message to

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Don't let your dog suffer from chronic pain. Whether your pet needs joint regeneration therapy or allergy medication, we can provide the treatment they need. Animal Care Center of Castle Pines specializes in pain management for dogs. When your dog is in pain, we will do everything we can to help. Contact us to schedule a pain management consultation today.