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Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation

August 28, 2020

For dogs recovering from injuries or suffering from chronic pain, rehabilitation therapy can help.

The veterinarians at Animal Care Center of Castle Pines are experts in rehabilitation and pain management for dogs. We offer pain management consultations and rehabilitation therapy at our in-house facilities. If your pet is suffering from arthritis, an exercise injury, a neurological disease, or a degenerative condition, our doctors will identify the source of the pain and recommend the best therapy for pain management.

Rehabilitation as Pain Management for Dogs

Rehabilitation veterinarians specialize in treating neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions. Canine rehabilitation therapy relieves pain from joint diseases, injuries, and arthritis. Much like physical therapy in humans, canine rehabilitation helps reduce inflammation and reinforces normal neurological pathways. It deters the progression of degenerative diseases, and can even prevent conditions like arthritis from developing at the site of an injury.

Rehabilitation therapy not only helps to manage pain in dogs but also restores functionality and mobility. Whether the pain stems from an injury or a chronic disease like hip dysplasia, rehabilitation helps dogs increase the range of motion in their joints and regain strength and coordination in their limbs. Rehabilitation prevents atrophy and allows dogs with injuries or chronic diseases to continue normal activities with less pain.

Canine Rehabilitation at Animal Care Center of Castle Pines

Pain management begins with a consultation and a diagnosis from one of the rehabilitation-certified veterinarians at Animal Care Center. Animal Care Center of Castle Pines offers water therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, and laser therapy at our in-hospital rehabilitation facilities. Therapy sessions at Animal Care Center may include any of the following treatments:

  • Underwater Treadmill
  • Hydrotherapy/Swimming
  • Land Exercises
  • Manual Therapy (Joint Compression, Stretching)
  • Massage
  • Cold Laser Therapy

We will set up an individualized rehabilitation plan with the best treatments for your dog and monitor their progress through weekly therapy sessions. Depending on your dog's pain management needs, we might also recommend regenerative therapy or prescription medications. Our goal is always to make your dog's life as pain-free as possible.

Continuing Therapy at Home

Your Animal Care Center veterinarian will also train you in basic manual therapy techniques and physical exercises for rehabilitation to help manage your dog's pain at home. We'll provide you with a printed exercise manual and a personalized fitness plan for your dog. To help you maintain your dog's physical condition once they have graduated from rehab, we also offer PEMF loops and cold lasers for rental or purchase.

Animal Care Center of Castle Pines is committed to helping your dog achieve a lasting recovery and resume a normal, happy life, free from chronic pain. Feel free to reach out with questions or concerns after your dog has completed their in-hospital treatment program. Our rehabilitation technicians will always be available to you via phone or email.

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Animal Care Center of Castle Pines specializes in rehabilitation and pain management for dogs. We offer comprehensive medical care and diagnostics and many other important services to ensure your pet's health and wellness. Call us at (303) 688-3660 or visit our website to schedule an appointment today. With rehabilitation treatment from our dedicated veterinarians, your dog should be feeling better in no time so they can get back to all the things they love most!