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How to Calm Your Dog’s Vet Anxiety

June 03, 2021

Not many dogs are huge fans of visiting the vet.

However, regular vet visits and annual exams are critical to your pet's health. At Animal Care Center of Castle Pines, we are committed to creating a calm, enjoyable environment for your pet whenever they visit our office. If your pooch still doesn't enjoy going to the vet, here are a few ways you can calm your dog's vet anxiety.

Four Ways to Calm Your Dog's Vet Anxiety

Visit During Off-Peak Hours

It can be easy for dogs to get overstimulated at the vet. Other animals and humans in the waiting room, an unfamiliar location, and all of the new sights and smells can overstimulate some dogs. This overstimulation can easily turn into anxiety or make pre-existing anxiety worse.

However, scheduling your dog's appointment for the first or last appointment of the day could reduce the risk of overstimulation. At these times there will likely be fewer people and pets in the office, making the overall situation less stressful.

Bring Treats

Try to make trips to the vet an extremely positive experience in every way possible. For many dogs, this can mean offering them plenty of treats throughout the visit. It can also be helpful to give your dog treats when they get into the car to leave, and again when you arrive at the veterinarian's office. Treats help reinforce the experience as a good one, not a bad one.

Don't be too worried if your dog does not seem interested in their favorite treats during a vet experience. If they are anxious or overwhelmed they may not want to eat, but this is no cause for concern. Never try to force them to eat the treats if they're uninterested, as this could lead to vomiting and further anxiety.

Practice at Home

As soon as you get your dog, no matter what age they are, start practicing the things that may happen during a vet exam. You can prepare your dog by regularly touching their feet, ears, tail, etc., until they no longer are disturbed by being handled. By handling your dog in a calm, stress-free environment at home, they will be less reluctant to be touched, handled, poked, and prodded at the vet.

Keep Yourself Calm

Your dog can sense when you're nervous or anxious, and they will likely pick up on your behaviors. Keep your voice calm and normal, practice your regular everyday behaviors, and act as though nothing is out of the ordinary. Making a big deal over the veterinarian visit will just make your dog's anxiety worse!

Anxiety-Free Visits at Animal Care Center of Castle Pines

If you're in the Castle Pines area and are in need of an anxiety-free vet for your dog, contact us today to set up an appointment. Regular veterinarian exams are critical when it comes to your pet's health, so you should never miss an appointment over anxiety. We'll always do our best to calm vet anxiety and make your dog's visit a comfortable one.