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Why Is My Cat Throwing Up?

January 05, 2022

Most cats throw up every once in a while, but if your cat is throwing up repeatedly within a short period of time, it could be an emergency.

Chronic vomiting can also indicate a serious underlying problem, so if you can't figure out why your cat is throwing up, contact your veterinarian right away. The experienced vets at Animal Care Center can help determine the cause of your cat's vomiting and provide the treatment they need.

If Your Cat Is Throwing up Food

Many cats eat very quickly, but sometimes their digestive systems can't handle the speed and will force regurgitation. If your cat throws up immediately after eating, they could be eating too quickly. To combat fast eaters, you can purchase a slow feeder bowl, which safely slows down eating, or serve wet food on a lick mat to help them slow down a little.

In other cases, your cat might be vomiting their food because they have an allergy or intolerance to a certain ingredient. If your cat doesn't seem to be eating too quickly, talk to your veterinarian about changing their diet to see if the vomiting subsides.

If Your Cat Is Throwing up White Foam

If a cat vomits on an empty stomach, the vomit will likely come out as white foam. White foam vomit could signal indigestion, hairballs, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hepatic deficiency, pancreatitis, diabetes, renal deficiency, hyperthyroidism, or even parasites. Because white foam vomit can point to so many different causes, it can be difficult to diagnose. If your cat is throwing up white foam, bring them to see a veterinarian right away.

Different Colors of Cat Vomit and What They Mean

  • Yellow, orange, or brown vomit is usually a result of partially digested food.
  • Red or pink vomit often indicates blood in the upper GI tract from ingesting a foreign object or dyes from food or treats. This is a more serious concern.
  • Black vomit indicates a serious issue in the GI tract, usually blood. If your cat's vomit is dark and looks like coffee grounds, contact your emergency vet immediately.

Cat Vomiting Treatment in Castle Pines, Colorado

If your cat is vomiting and you suspect they may be having digestive problems, contact us right away! The caring team at Animal Care Center Castle Pines, Colorado, is more than happy to help you get your kitty back to normal. Call us today to make an appointment.