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Ten Popular Cat Breeds and Their Personalities

May 07, 2020

At Animal Care Center of Castle Pines, we believe that every cat has its own individual personality.

However, a cat's breed will determine its personality to a certain extent. Different breeds of cats exhibit different typical characteristics. Knowing more about cat breed personalities can help you understand your cat's behavior and provide for their unique needs.

Cats can be vocal and affectionate, or quiet and reserved; some are very devoted, others are more independent. Some cats need a lot of stimulation and exercise, while others need more affection and cuddling. Today, we're comparing ten popular cat breeds and their general personality traits.

1. Domestic Shorthair

The domestic shorthair is the most common breed of cat. Because they are a mix of various breeds, they can be black, grey, white, calico, tabby, tuxedo, or tortoiseshell. Their personalities vary as much as their markings, but all of them are strong and energetic. Domestic shorthair cats were originally "working cats" meant to control the rodent population on farms. They have a strong hunting instinct that needs to be satisfied with stimulating play. Their urge to hunt gives them lots of energy, even during the night. Don't be surprised if they get a sudden attack of the zoomies at 4 a.m.

2. Abyssinian

This ancient breed is known for its reddish fur, but colors can range from cinnamon to blue. Very playful and inquisitive, they will accompany you around the house and yard and try to "assist" you with your chores. Abyssinians are intelligent cats that love games. They will even play fetch! Talkative as well, they make gentle trilling sounds when they chat. Abyssinians grow very attached to their owners and don't like to be left alone. They need a lot of affection, attention, and active play.

3. Bengal

This breed's fur is marked with spots and rosettes like its Asian leopard cat ancestors. Bengal cats are talkative, friendly, and need lots of exercises. They might even enjoy going for hikes outdoors, like Suki the Adventure Cat. Similar to their wild great-grandparents, Bengal cats are exceptional hunters and very intelligent. They have excellent memories and will learn tricks. Unlike most cats, they love water and will even play in it.

4. Lykoi

Wispy, wiry black and white fur combined with partial hairlessness give the Lykoi a striking appearance. Also known as the wolf cat or werewolf cat, this new breed has an unusual personality to match its unusual visage. Werewolf cats are very affectionate and loving, but they are often timid of strangers. They especially enjoy games and toys that involve problem-solving skills. They can be possessive of their favorite toys and don't like to share. Although Lykoi seems independent and will play on their own, they still need lots of affection.

5. Maine Coon

These unusually large cats have big feet and long, thick fur. Gentle pets and keen hunters, Maine Coon cats have an appetite to match their size. Calm and very friendly, Maine Coon cats are good companions, and their curiosity will make them follow you everywhere you go. Super affectionate, they always enjoy a good snuggle. Maine Coon cats also have a very social personality-they love to chat with people and other animals. Don't be surprised if they perform a funny stunt to make themselves the center of attention.

6. Persian

Known for their long hair and squashed faces, this gentle breed requires regular grooming and should remain indoors only. Typically quiet and rather aloof, Persians dislike loud noises and enjoy lounging regally upon a cushion or a lap. Less active than other breeds, their shorter legs make them less inclined to jump and climb. Although they do enjoy the attention, they will not demand it. Persian cats are usually quite shy and reserved around strangers, but affectionate with people they know.

7. Ragdoll

This large, affectionate breed is very docile and sweet-tempered. Ragdoll cats have blue eyes, fluffy fur, and pointed markings similar to a Siamese. Extremely devoted, a Ragdoll cat will follow you around the house much like a puppy would. Ragdoll cats need interactive play to ensure that they get enough exercise. As their name implies, they like to be held, snuggled, and carried around. Ragdoll cats have musical voices but are usually very quiet.

8. Russian Blue

A playful and intelligent breed that is relatively shy, Russian Blue cats are known for their bluish-gray fur and bright green eyes. They shed less and make less dander because of their short, thick, double coat of fur intended for cold Russian winters. They hate loud sounds like vacuum cleaners and are most often fairly quiet and reserved. However, they enjoy playing with people that they know and like. Russian Blue cats become very devoted; they will always greet you at the door when you come home from work.

9. Siamese

Intelligent and very vocal, this breed is mischievous and talkative. When they have an opinion, they will let you know. Not all Siamese cats have the "pointed" coloring that makes the breed famous, but their distinct patterning is a natural mutation. Siamese cats bond strongly with their owners and are very loving. Siamese cats need active, stimulating play and lots of affection. Their personalities require a great deal of social interaction.

10. Sphynx

These completely hairless cats are very social, active, and devoted. Even though they look moody, their personalities are actually quite the opposite. Sphynx cats are friendly with other pets and love snuggling with a furrier friend. Since they don't have hair, they also love a warm lap and squeak their displeasure if you interrupt their slumber. Talkative and constantly hungry, a Sphynx cat will be sure to inform you when dinner is late.

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