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Introducing Dr. Merry Gibson, DVM to the Animal Care Center of Castle Pines

May 07, 2019

We would like to introduce our newest doctor!

Dr. Merry Gibson is joining the Animal Care Center and brings a wealth of knowledge to our practice.

She offers an integrative approach to medicine, combining the best of conventional medicine with holistic therapies and, above all, nutrition. Her medical philosophy is that food is medicine and believes there is a nutritional component to every case. Part of every exam with Dr. Merry will be spent discussing the prevention of disease using diet and nutritional supplements that can bolster health and keep your pets well. Disheartened by the increasing number of young pets developing autoimmune diseases and cancer, Dr. Merry began researching and studying alternative therapies to help these pets as well as diagnostics that can be run to help detect the early onset of inflammation and disease.

Dr. Merry has seen firsthand the body's amazing capacity to heal itself given the right support. As an integrative practitioner, Dr. Merry believes that all disease begins in the gut. This is where approximately 70-85% of the immune system is. Part of disease prevention then focuses on keeping the GI tract healthy. A pet's microbiome plays an important role in maintaining health and if out of balance, can create disease.

Merry utilizes therapies such as ozone and microbiome restorative therapies that can help re-establish a healthy microbiome, improving our pets' immune systems and overall health. Other modalities Dr. Merry might use to help your pet include acupuncture and Chinese herbs, applied kinesiology (muscle testing), veterinary orthopedic manipulation, hyperbaric medicine and rehabilitation therapy using therapeutic exercise, hydrotherapy, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, low-level laser therapy, and more.

We feel pretty lucky to have Dr. Merry join our practice…please welcome Dr. Merry when you meet her. She is accepting patients so call and book with her today!