Vet Blog

A day in the life of a veterinary receptionist, by Alice Anderson

February 24, 2022

The day starts bright and early for a client care specialist, with loud barks and chaotic tails, as surgery patients get dropped off for their procedures.

We get accurate weights - important, especially on surgery days - and let our surgery team know our client is here. Working our way as fast as we can through clipboards with collars and tags attached to them, we get our patients situated and comfortable to wait for their procedure. The moment surgery check in is over, our early appointments start coming in - confused but excited puppies here for their first visit, unsure of where they are, but happy to get treats and love from the CCS team; rehab patients joyfully wagging their tails in anticipation of swims; repeat clients who know every technician and doctor in the clinic, excited to see their friends, and of course, the nervous ones, who we try to help stay calm, and feel safe. The phone begins to ring - record requests are coming in. It's our responsibility to make sure your pets medical history makes it to your current doctor - so we can make sure everyones fur baby is taken care of. The next call is a prescription request, then someone comes in for a pickup. CCS makes sure to send back all prescriptions so owners can make sure to get their medication in a timely manner. Soon.. a present! Laughing, a client presents us with a doggy bag of poop. We tag and label it, and safely store it in a refrigerator in the bag, preserved until it can be tested. Appointments are scheduled, clients call, and a whirlwind of hours later, pickup time begins. Tails wag and thump as owners come in, pups barking with joy to see their person, ready to go home and rest. After cleaning up and resetting the front, it's time for CCS to rest as well - at least until tomorrow morning!